Artist Statement

Over thirty years my artwork has progressively become an integrative point of departure for matters of interest, which at first glance might seem too diverse but in actuality are not far apart. The subject matter is consistently influenced by the laws of nature, the beauty / cruelty to be found everywhere in the environment, as well as by the effect the surroundings have on each individual and on entire civilizations throughout the millennia. The artwork can be compared to a window where one peers simultaneously in opposite directions, outward and inward, in an attempt to sense and understand the origin of oneself as that of others.

With a background in natural sciences and classical music my artwork focus is on exploring and asking questions, similar to those of a natural scientist or philosopher who contemplate the properties of matter, cause and effect, our limitations in comprehending our surroundings and our approach to understanding concepts such as light, time, rhythm and pulse, principles found throughout our environment. In this way my artwork should be viewed as an artist's perspective and interpretation of the surroundings, not limited to own life but embracing generations of all times, obscuring the definition of a beginning and an end but always with ultimate respect for the laws of nature and the environment.

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artist statement

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